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    Jacksonville’s Architectural Melting Pot

    While traveling, have you ever noticed housing architectural style changes seemingly from state to state? For example, Ohio is known to have Cape Cod and Colonial style homes, while states like South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois boast more of your Bungalow and Ranch/Rambler style homes. Midwestern states are also more likely to have manufactured or pre-fabricated homes than other regions. Texas is characterized by having many traditional and contemporary styles, while Georgia boasts a large majority of French style homes, which is unique to the state. Hawaii has more contemporary homes, and Montana, as you can probably guess, hosts a great amount of log homes.  California is a great place for people who enjoy contemporary, or mid-century modern styles of homes.

    Here is a breakdown of some states, matched with their most popular type of home, according to Zillow.

    State Prevalent Architecture Style
    California Modern
    Connecticut Colonial
    Delaware Colonial
    Georgia Traditional
    Hawaii Contemporary
    Illinois Bungalow
    Kansas Ranch/Rambler
    Maine Cape Cod
    Massachusetts Colonial
    Michigan Colonial
    Minnesota Ranch/Rambler
    Missouri Bungalow
    Montana Ranch/Rambler
    Nebraska Ranch/Rambler
    New Hampshire Cape Cod
    New York Colonial
    Ohio Colonial
    Oklahoma Traditional
    Pennsylvania Colonial
    Rhode Island Colonial
    South Dakota Ranch/Rambler
    Texas Traditional
    Utah Ranch/Rambler
    Virginia Traditional
    Washington Ranch/Rambler
    West Virginia Modern
    Wyoming Ranch/Rambler


    These statistics are why as architectural lovers, we are obsessed with Jacksonville, Florida! One of the first things you’ll notice (other than the copious amounts of delicious cuisine) if you are visiting Jacksonville for the first time is the vast array of architecture found throughout the city. Every single neighborhood boasts multiple different styles of homes that you would normally see spread out across the U.S. This is due to the impact of the great fire of 1901. It was one of the worst disasters in Florida history, and was the third largest urban fire in United States history. After the fire, the plans to rebuild began. Many architects came from around the country and designed multiple homes. This resulted in a melting pot of architectural design, and we are not complaining!


    A really intriguing neighborhood to sightsee is San Marco. Located south of downtown, across the St. John’s River, this neighborhood is mostly residential, but has a commercial sector called San Marco Square, which is super quaint. If you visit the area, check out these places: Bold Bean, Pure Barre, Matthews, Taverna, Grape and Grain, A really cool old theater called The San Marco Theater, Write Touch, Painting With a Twist, and BBS. The home styles you will see here have such rich architecture. As you walk down the shaded streets, you’ll see Spanish style homes, as well as large Tudor, and gorgeous Traditional styles.

    Another neat neighborhood in Jacksonville is Riverside/Avondale. Located southwest of downtown, bordering the St. John’s River, this spot is deemed one of Jacksonville’s “oldest and coolest” neighborhoods. It was also voted one of the country’s top 10 greatest neighborhoods. More recently, it has become populated by mostly younger people, or “millennials”, which has brought in fascinating businesses. Some of our favorite places to note are: Tenley Dietrich, My Southern Roots, Orsay, Bold Bean, Black Sheep, Bark Boutique, Gloss Goods, Tres Leches, Zen Cog, Pine Grove Deli, Tousled Salon, and Desco. The types of homes you will find here are bungalows, cottage style, and craftsman style homes. The personal touch that this new generation of home buyers, as they work hand in hand with RAP (Riverside Avondale Preservation) has put on their properties makes this neighborhood well worth taking a nice day to walk and look around.

    If you really want to go back in time and see the majestic architecture that Jacksonville has to offer, then look no further than Springfield. Located within central Jacksonville, this was one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in the area, and housed some of Jacksonville’s most wealthy and established citizens. If you explore the streets of this neighborhood, you will see that there are still remnants of its splendor. Thanks to SPAR (Springfield Preservation and Revitalization), many of these homes are being brought back to their original beauty, slowly but surely. Here, you will see grand homes. Some of these properties are huge, and waiting for someone to bring them back to life. You’ll see Craftsman, Victorian, and Spanish Style homes. Once you’ve checked out the homes, do yourself a favor and see what types of businesses Springfield has to offer. Uptown Kitchen and Bar, Waffaa and Mike’s, and Three Layers Café. Crispy’s, Hyperion Brewing, and 6th And Main Brewing will be joining the brood soon, as well!

    If you are more of a beach person, you’re in luck! The diverse housing options extend to Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach. While you won’t see much of the Craftsman style homes that you see throughout the downtown neighborhoods, you will see Modern, Spanish style, Mid Century Modern, and Bungalow homes. As you explore the neighborhoods, you will note that one street can have a number of different types of homes. We love this, because there is always something new and exciting to look at. The beaches areas have really cool places to explore, as well. Some of our favorites here are: Beaches Diner, Restaurant Doro, Flying Iguana, and everything that the Beaches Town Center has to offer, such as Bali Cargo, Jaffi’s, Boutique Unique, and Fig and Willow.

    If you fall in love with any of these neighborhoods in Jax like we have, check out our website to get the latest listings in that particular area. Whether you want a turn-key property, or something that you can restore and make your own, Jacksonville has something for everyone. We love watching our city grow and seeing the awesome touches that new home owners have put into their properties!

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