New Year, New you!

    New year, new you! Are we tired of hearing it yet? Absolutely not! While some people view January 1 as just another day, we, and many other people view it as a new opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. Out with the 2016 model, and in with the new, upgraded, fully loaded 2017 model. In fact, according to, 41% of Americans feel likewise. Did you know that 32.4% of these participants chose a resolution based on losing weight/developing a healthier lifestyle? This may not come as a surprise to many, as we have all heard the running jokes about our gyms being packed for the first two months of the year. In fairness, it only makes sense. Over indulging in homemade Christmas cookies can add a few inches to the waistline, making us feel a bit sluggish.

    The awesome thing about Jacksonville, Florida, (aside from having gorgeous beaches to run on) is that we are stacked with a vast array of gyms and fitness facilities that cater to all types of fitness styles. Here are some of our favorites:


    OrangeTheory Fitness– This place is a blast if you’re looking for a high energy, high intensity, fun group workout session. OrangeTheory offers 60-minute workout sessions, which are split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. Participants are given heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn. Classes here make you excited to come back for more. OrangeTheory offers Basic, Elite, and Premier membership packages.



    Pure Barre– Talk about feeling the burn. This gym has group training classes that work literally every muscle of your body. Each class is 55 minutes, starting with a warm up, moving to arm workouts with light weights, then on to thigh toning exercises, to glutes, to abs, and ending with a cool down session. You are provided a yoga mat, a small weighted ball, two lightweight dumbbells, and a tension band. A ballet bar is used in many of the thigh focused exercises. This gym is unique because of instead of tons of equipment, participants are letting their own bodies sculpt themselves.



    HEW  (Hard Exercise Works)- This is not just a gym. This is a movement. HEW states “We believe in really hard exercise. In the relentless pursuit of excellence. Results are earned, not given. Group training can be personal. In raising people up. In making time for health now, instead of sickness later. Every person can be strong and confident. Our bodies are reflections of our lifestyle. In living to give. In YOU.” This gym is intense, and result/growth oriented. These workouts form group bonding and camaraderie. This is the reason the gym was created by its owners who have a military background, back in 1991, in Georgia. If you are wanting to switch up your workouts and take your body for the next level, this is the place for you.



    Crossfit Total Control– Voted the #1 gym in Duval county by Void Live, this is the first and largest strength and conditioning facility in Jacksonville Beach. They offer personal training, and Olympic weight lifting. Total Control has tons of equipment, and is fully staffed with some of the best, most knowledgeable coaches in the area. This gym has made its footprint in our community by regularly participating in events, outings, and competitions. They offer a wide range of class times to better accommodate members.



    Baileys Gym– This gym is convenient in all the best ways possible. It has twelve locations in the Jacksonville area, tons of equipment, personal and group training sessions, awesome dance classes, childcare, and so much more. The best part? Their membership prices are super affordable. The large size of the gym, along with the vast amount of equipment ensures that you’ll rarely ever have to wait in line to use a machine. Baileys has dark cardio rooms, assisted machines, as well as free weight areas. They have without a doubt covered all their bases when it comes to the needs of their clients!


    All of these gyms have something to offer for everyone. Whether you are wanting to drop a few pounds, or make a drastic lifestyle change, whether you want to build your strength, or you just want to feel better and surround yourself with positive people, walking through the door is the first step in your journey. Living a healthy lifestyle is a physical, mental, and emotional positive challenge, and we know you have it in you to stick with your decision to be a better you in 2017!

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