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    Staged And Organized Homes Sell Faster! Check Out Our Partners Who Make This Possible

    Since 2015, The Edge Group has helped multiple families with their real estate transactions. We have grown to be a highly efficient, successful team, staffed with individuals who work around the clock and care significantly about every aspect of our customers’ needs. Our success was not created by our team alone, but with the help and expertise of our partners. The awesome companies we work with allow us to offer perks to our clients that set us apart from the crowd. Here is deeper look into a few of the companies that make this all possible:




    Created by Maureen Porcelli, NEAT is a professional organizing service that offers a helping hand in organizing and de-cluttering your home and life. The Edge Group partners with NEAT to assist clients who are selling their home with creating a “neat” organized atmosphere. When listing a home that is occupied, an organized home is proven to aid in a quick sale. When a potential buyer views a property, they can become easily overwhelmed and detached from the home if it is filled with vast amounts of the sellers personal belongings. NEAT helps create an atmosphere where buyers can see how well a space can be used, and are able to picture themselves living there.  A breakdown of their services includes:

    -Professional organization

    • Home

    -Organizing rooms and closet space

    -Sorting items

    -Removing discards for donation

    -Arranging the keeps to match your lifestyle


    • Office

    -Organizing files and documents

    -Creating an inviting and inspiring work space

    -Sorting of items

    -Arranging the keeps to match functionality

    -Removing discards for donation

    -Opening, closing, and relocating your business


    • Moving

    -Packing and unpacking in an organized fashion

    -Staging home for showings during selling process


    -Life assistant

    • Event Logistics

    -Pre-planning and event coordinating

    -Digital promoting

    -Extra set of hands

    • Couriering
    • Personal Shopping


    -Holiday Service

    • Assembling and dismantling holiday décor
    • Purchasing and wrapping of gifts





    For our clients who are listing vacant homes, The Edge Group offers staging services. We believe in staging homes for multiple reasons. First, being the most important: protecting your investment. Did you know that staging your vacant home drastically reduces the probability of it being burglarized? Unfortunately many unoccupied/vacant homes are the more susceptible to losing large appliances due to break-ins. Reason number two: staged homes sell quicker. It is a fact. Here is a prime example. Recently, we listed multiple duplexes, and staged 1-2 at a time. Every single time we re-staged a unit, that specific unit sold even though the others had the same exact lay out. When clients are given the opportunity to see how the space can be used, they are more likely to want to purchase, as opposed to being overwhelmed by a totally blank canvas. This is why we partner with Rave Home Staging.


    Rave Home Staging



    With 10,000 square feet of warehouse, this is Jacksonville’s largest home staging company. They own all of their inventory, and are fully staffed with trained movers, stagers, assistant stagers, administration, and an in-house professional photographer. Melissa Marro is one of the best known stagers in the US. She is the President for the Board of Directors in the trade organization, as well as the annual featured speaker at the Real Estate Staging Industry’s Convention in Las Vegas. When Rave stages vacant homes, they are in and out in one day, with photos scheduled the second day. They are quick, efficient, and proven to aid in getting homes sold fast.


    Rave Home Staging offers services to:

    -Real estate agents

    -Real estate investors

    -New home builders

    -Home owners





    The Edge Group is so grateful for our partners who make our success possible, and help us create an enjoyable experience for our clients. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop as we cultivate relationships with our clients and partners alike. We believe so much in the advantages of using Neat Jax and Rave Home Staging, that we include these services for all of our seller’s listings. Real estate transactions can be fun, easy, and efficient, with the right team of professionals guiding you.

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